Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Are Home!

View from his room

It feels so great to finally be home!  Our cats and dog don't want to leave my side.  Our son was nothing but smiles when we pulled up in front of the house.  He has been talking about Corbu (our cat) for a few days now, "I miss Boo boo"; don't worry son, he missed you too.  They were both very happy to reunite today.

I can't say enough good things about the staff at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  We are truly very lucky to have that right in our own backyard (3.9 miles away to be exact).   They were so kind and caring.  They really try to make it a home away from home. 

Each year my local radio station WKLH does several fundraisers for Children's Hospital, their biggest being the Miracle Marathon, you can find details here:  WKLH Miracle Marathon.  Each year I listen.  Each year I never give.  This year will be different.    This year it became personal. This year I will find a way to give back to all the nice doctors, nurses, and staff that helped us day in and day out during our stay.   Giving money won't be enough, I will need to get my craft on....I already have a few ideas brewing in my head. 

THANK YOU to all our family, friends, and neighbors that stopped by, sent an email, facebooked us, watched our animals and just kept us in your thoughts.  It really did help to hear from all of you and to know that you all care so much about our little guy.  We're thankful that things are quickly returning to normal and can't wait for this week to be a faded memory in our lives.

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