Wednesday, December 3, 2014

He's Here and He's Perfect

On Monday, November 17, 2014 Thomas Harold joined the world.  8 lbs and 3 oz. and 21 inches long.  He is so lovely and we are just smitten with him already.

Look at these two big brothers.  Johnathan (6) has been such a trooper.  He is just in love with his new baby brother and Robbie (20 months), he isn't sure what to think yet but with some time I know he'll come around.

Look at my husband, he's such a natural at this.  He makes it look easy.  I think that is Thomas's first smile right there and he hasn't even left the hospital yet.  I may have another daddy's boy on my hands!

This is my first moments with Thomas.  I still have my hair net on from surgery (the real deal folks!).  A momma waits 9 months to hold and love their new little baby and those agonizing final minutes of waiting after a c-section feel like an eternity.  Once I finally got to hold him, we are both instantly in love with each other.  

It's been two weeks and we're starting to get into a routine here at home.  It will take a while yet, but things are starting to return to "normal" (whatever the heck that means). 

Please excuse my absence as I get to know and bond with my newest little addition.   This is FOR SURE our last baby so I'm trying to enjoy and savor every little cuddle I can because I know in a blink of an eye, they will be all grown up. 

See you soon!  Hugs!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Take Two: Christmas Cards

I got two more Christmas cards to show to you today.  This first one comes together pretty quickly with the help of Papertrey ink's Shaker Shapes Ornament Die.  I found this cute patterned paper on etsy which I affectionately like to call "ugly Christmas sweater". You can find it here:  Valeriane Digital.

Do you see that rain in the background?  It might turn into snow later this week here in Wisconsin, I say, that's a sure sign my baby is about to come! 

I love the red and teal colors paired together on this card for a non-traditional twist and with a simply saying stamped in red ink, this card is simple but pretty.  

I've already told you all how I love photo cards at Christmas.  I just love the simplicity of this design, it really lets your photo do the talking.  Who wouldn't love to get this cutie in their mailbox this holiday season ;)

The background is in a light green card stock and Papertrey Ink's photo finishers "joy" is surrounded by red and gold stars.  The stars are just enough of an accent to dress up this card without making it feel too busy.  

I hope these cards inspire you to get out and do some crafting this weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christmas Card Season

It is November and you know what that means: it is HOLIDAY TIME!  Yes, that's right folks, stop your mumbling, Christmas is only a short 50 days away!  I love this time of year, especially now with little tiny ones at home.  It is so fun to see how exited they get as Christmas draws closer.  I saw my city was putting up the holiday street lights on Monday night so I took that as a sign that it was time to break out my stamps and create some holiday cards for 2014.

This card is just the cutest.  I know, I am biased but there is some serious cuteness going on all over this card.  I love holiday photo cards but they are so darn expensive.  This home version costs a fraction of what you will pay if you have a big box store or online retailer make it for you and as a bonus you get bragging rights because you made it with your own two hands.  It is economical because the photo is sized so that two photos can actually fit on one 4X6 print and cut to size, meaning you only have to print half the number of photo prints needed for your total amount of cards.  For this mom on a budget, that's importantante (that's Spanish for necessary!).  

Grandmas and families especially love these types of cards.   These types of cards tend to hang out on refrigerators long after the season has past and that's exactly how it should be, you get a lot of bang for a little buck! 

Isn't this card screaming quintessential Christmas?  Poinsettias are just the perfect Christmas flower and paired with this pretty white polka dot paper, how can you go wrong. 

A little white sequent was added to the middle of the poinsettia to polish off this card.  These cards come together super fast as it is just a matter of layering the pieces together and adhering them to a standard A2 card.

This card makes me want to break out the Christmas decor and get the house all nice and pretty for the cozy winter nights that are ahead of us.  Oh and this year I get to do that snuggling a newborn, lucky me. 

I had another card created but my little one year old ran off with it and I can not find it anywhere.  ANYWHERE.  I've looked through garbage cans (I often find my stamp sets there), in clothes drawers, under blankets, it is NO WHERE.  What a stinker, I bet it will reappear on December 26th!  Oh well, I guess that means back to the craft room I go (oh darn, twist my arm). 

Stay tuned for a couple more designs in the next couple of days, in the mean time, I hope you start finding some holiday inspiration while you are out and about this week!   

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 has come and gone.  Look at my two cuties all dressed up this year.  I really try to stay away from getting store bought costumes as I don't like the commercialism of this holiday.  If my kids want to get candy from strangers, I think they (really me at their ages) need to work for it a bit, hopefully they will agree as they get older and older.

Since I am only weeks away from giving birth to my 3rd child, the thought of elaborate costumes was just not going to do but these were super duper easy.

Johnathan (6) went at Fred from Scooby Doo.  I bought the blue dress shirt and white sweater from used clothing stores and the orange ascot is just a strip of a very ugly orange shirt I bought and cut.  I didn't even bother sewing it.  He had some nice "preppy" dress shoes to wear to complete the outfit but he is weird about shoes and I didn't feel like arguing.  Sometimes it just isn't worth it!

Here he is getting candy at a house with a very cool scary costume.  We also got Robert to go up to this guy but he started crying.

Robert (20 months) went as Bob the Builder (name sake, get it?).  I bought the hat at goodwill and the tool belt at Target, the rest of the outfit he already owned.  Easy.  The Cheetoo was a bribe to get him to keep the hat on and somehow it worked. 

What a couple of cuties.  These two are still best friends, I hope they find room for the third who is just around the corner!

Action shot of Bob the Builder getting candy from strangers with his Auntie Katie.

Robbie and Bumpa walking the streets looking for good candy, Robbie was stashing the goods in his tool belt. 

Oh and here is daddy and Uncle Jake playing on their phones, we tried losing them here but they found us.  Good thing the kids were with us and not these two with their heads stuck to their phones.  What a bunch of creepers sitting on a street corner with phone in hand and an empty stroller.  ;)

The kids weren't the only ones to have fun.  Nate and I dressed up as well.  He went as pregnant me and I went (with my pregnant belly) as the magic eight ball (my signs got cut out of the pictures, but I think you get the point.  Super easy costumes that took about 10 minutes to throw together.  At 8.5 months pregnant, I don't feel like giving anything more than 10 minutes of my time!

One more final shot of my hubby dressed as me for Halloween.  Look at those sexy legs :)  And yes, he wore this dress better than I do!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Frozen Banner and a Little Bit of Fun

 As a mom of two boys the Frozen movie phenomenon has mostly missed our house.  I’m ok with that.  Even though Frozen hasn’t been on repeat since coming to home video in our house I still have heard the songs enough to have them memorized.  My son said all the girls at his school sing the songs all the time, yep, he’s right, I hear them signing them when I pick him up.  I hear girls singing them in Target, doctor’s offices, even at the zoo. I hear it everywhere.

I thought it was time to give in to this blockbuster of a hit and put a banner up in my etsy shop so all moms and dads can have just one more Frozen item in their house, to all the fed up mom’s and dad’s out there, you are welcome.  Hey, we have a similar problem in our house with the Lego Movie. 

I mentioned the zoo up above.  Let me tell you how our local zoo, the movie Frozen, and my soon-to-be-three sons are all connected while I show you some pictures of this cute banner.

I have to back track just a bit to make this story complete.  When we found out our second child was going to be a second boy, I was a little surprised.  Nowhere in my world was it possible my second baby was going to be a second boy.  My whole life I thought I would have two kids, the first a boy (to be the over protecting big brother), and the second child a girl.  Both pregnancies were very different, a FOR SURE indicator (as everyone said) that the second was a girl since the first was a boy.  So when the technician said, “it’s a boy”, my reaction was not elated joy but more of a “What?!?! Not possible”.  My reaction was just weird enough there was some moments of awkward silence by the tech. 

Now fast forward to just a few months ago.  This third time around, I learned a lesson, I learned not to assume anything and that it is a 50/50 chance that this baby would be a girl and a 50/50 chance they would be a boy.  As the ultrasound date grew closer my anxiety grew higher.  I was at peace with a boy or a girl but anxious to learn which gender they were.  Sure, a girl would be nice, but there is some peace in having a third boy, I know how boys work, I already have two, and let’s face it, I love them to pieces.

 How could you not love these two little hams.  They are just the cutest.  I had this strong feeling I was having a third boy, after all, I am the oldest of three girls.  So when the technician said, “It’s another boy”.  I was ok with it.  In a lot of ways, I was relieved.  I’m about to have my third child, having them be the same gender as the first two seems to make life easier somehow.  There were no tears shed, no pouting, I was going to be a mom to my third boy. End of story, so I thought.    

 A week after the ultrasound, we went to family night at the zoo and we sat in front of the karaoke stage to eat our dinner.  Kids gathered on stage to play various instruments: drums, electric guitars, sing vocals, etc.   The music started, “Let It Go” was being sang by about a dozen little girls.  I very innocently turned to my hubby while the boys were eating their sandwiches and said, “awe, look at all the little girls singing”…..the words barely left my mouth before the crocodile sized tears started rolling down my checks followed by the words, “I’m never going to have a little girl”.  Followed by more crocodile sized tears.  My husband couldn’t help himself, he started laughing, which helped me start laughing.  I have no idea where they came from, they came out of nowhere.  My hubby said, “Put yourself together, what is the matter with you, we’re at the zoo and everyone can see you crying”.  My kids were oblivious to mommy’s embarrassment.  I took the song literally, I sure did  Right in the middle of the zoo, in front of all those people.   The tears stopped when my oldest said, "this son is dumb, why don't they sing the Lego Movie song".  Life is good. 

I’m happy to report, there have been no further tears since that moment.  I’m excited to meet the next cute little ham to grace our family in just 26 short days (not that I’m counting).  He’s going to fit right in to our crazy, goofy, chaotic lives.  But every time I hear the song, “Let It Go”, I’ll think back to that July day when there was a brief moment that I wasn’t sure and I’ll giggle and laugh at what could have been and how life is so wonderful with my three little peanuts.    

Now go to my etsy shop and buy this cute banner or if you are blessed to have all boys like I am and don't see yourself throwing a Frozen themed party anytime soon, do me a favor and share it with your girlfriends!

And while your at it, check out two of my favorite bloggers that have all boys themselves:

Look at Shelly with her four (!!!) boys:

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Oh, and this post with all three boys sitting around the table just makes me so excited, I can't wait for this in my own life:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let's Catch Up

Hello Everyone.  Life has just gotten so busy with a houseful of kids.  I think about this blog often but just can't squeeze in the time to write quality content.  

It's been so long so LET'S CATCH UP!


Baby #3 is only a short five weeks away and I realized I haven't even announced their gender on my blog, the third baby is already getting the short end of the stick and they haven't even arrived yet!

I posted this picture on my facebook page back in July when we found out the baby's gender.  Johnathan (6) and Robert (16 months) are each eating an ice cream cone, one blue and one pink.  I posted this picture on my facebook page and then went to bed....without providing an answer, boy was that fun.  My friends and family were dying to know and I went to bed and didn't give them the answer. 


The next day, I posted this picture.  YES!  Another boy!  Three boys!  Being the oldest of three girls, I somehow had this strong feeling I would end up with all boys.  

I also took a couple other photos and I thought this one of the two boys is cute.  I know, Johnathan's face is half cut off (hence why it wasn't used) but it is still a cute picture documenting our news.  

You got to love this photo of poor little Robbie crying.  Is it because it is a boy?  Is it because he has to share his mommy?  I'm not sure but this picture is just priceless to me.  I'm pretty positive he will be happier than he is in this picture when his little brother arrives (fingers crossed). 


I turned another year older a couple weeks ago.  The hubby and I took a nice extended weekend alone in the Wisconsin Dells and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING without the boys.  Yes that's right, we did nothing.  It was wonderful.  No dishes, no vacuuming, no cooking, no crazy kids crying in our ears.  Nate watched a lot of cable television and I did some shopping.  It was great.

Here I am on my birthday, 32 weeks pregnant with both my boys, Johnathan (6) and Robert (19 months).  To their surprise, they bought me that nice yellow purse.  The best part of my day:  Johnathan thought I turned 23, I didn't bother correcting him.


Those of you that know me, you know during Johnathan's pregnancy I suffered really bad from vomiting.  I vomited everyday from week 8 to week 21 or 22.  It was aweful.  I lost somewhere around 10-15 lbs while pregnant with him.  With Robert, I had gallbladder issues.  I thought it was pre-term labor and doctor said, "nope, sounds like gallbladder".  Ugh, I knew that was bad news as my hubby had his removed a few years prior.  If you remember, I ended up having mine removed through an emergency surgery 3 months after Robert's birth.  My attack started during my sister's bridal shower, that I hosted.  What a mess. Oh, and his delivery resulted in a unplanned C-Section but of course only after laboring naturally for 16 hours and pushing for two. 

I thought for sure all the above issues meant this third pregnancy would be a cake walk.  Nope.  Not so.  Unfortunately I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a couple months ago.  I've been checking my blood sugar three times a day ever since, along with changing my nightly routine of a bowl of ice cream.  It hasn't been too hard but certainly adds another layer of complexity to my pregnancy.  Last month I was also diagnosed with a hernia.  Oh joy.  Luck me.  It is ugly but at least it isn't painful (knocking very hard on wood right now).

So as you might guess, I'm looking forward to these next few weeks to whiz by quickly and I can't wait to hold that new baby boy in my arms.


I have found some time but not a lot to craft.  Some of it might be more nesting than crafting.  I've been really busy with banner orders from my etsy shop: Furloughed Time.  This week has been particularly busy, I think I had 6 orders come in. Here's a quick shot of four orders lined up on my bed waiting for me to package them up and get my butt to the post office before the close at 12 noon.  The current best seller on my site (by far) is the Where The Wild Things Are Banner.  Really, you can't go wrong, the book is so darn cute. 


I also FINALLY finished painting the hallway on our 1st and 2nd floors.  This only took me....oh two years to complete.  I thought by the time I finished it, I would be ready for a new color but I will not be painting it anytime soon.  It is a nice soft stone white.  I love it. In an upcoming post I'll show you what I did with all the blank walls.

And last by not least, it doesn't look like much but Robert FINALLY has a bedroom.  He no longer lives in the TV Room with a crib in it.  He legitimately has a bedroom with NO television junk in it.  It only took 19 months but hey, we did it before baby #3 got here.  I was hopeful to get rid of the peach trim and yellow walls before baby #3 arrived but that's just not happening at this point.  Robert hasn't been the best sleeper so he isn't ready for a roommate so all the kids will be separated for a few months still.

If the weather holds up and I find a second wind, who knows MAYBE I'll paint but with only five weeks to go before baby #3 arrives, I'm more concerned about....oh you know....dragging the newborn clothes out of the attic and buying a dresser to store them in so they don't have to walk around naked or I have to look for clothes in boxes or baskets and drive myself looney (let's face it, I'm already looney enough). 

Thanks for coming back and checking out my site.  I hope to sneak in more time to share what's been going on in my house.  I don't want to jinx it, but rumor has it that next weekend might bring me the best household item yet.....stay tuned. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Calendar Card Class

Every year I make my Mother in-law a yearly calendar that she hangs on her fridge.  On each page there is a space to put a picture of the boys on it.  This turns into a nice little living scrapbook that she uses year round.

For the past couple of years I have turned this into a card class and have invited women to my house to complete the class and gift the item away to their loved ones, it has become a popular class.

This post will show you the details of this year's calendar page by page.  I don't plan on going into detail as to where I bought my supplies from so if you see something you like and want to get it for yourself, please contact me and I will be happy to supply you the information.  

Here is the cover.  I keep is real simple since this page is not really seen (except when my MIL initially opens the gift at Christmas).  You can see the water damage in the corner, this is the risk I take when using my original projects in a card class, I'll fix this somehow before gifting it to her.  


I try to keep the picture sizes at 4X6, it makes my life a little easier as the year goes on to not have to worry about special sized pictures (I email or mail her a picture each month rather than filling them in before gifting it to her).  If you complete a project like this, you will want to decide if you want to fill it before gifting it or send them pictures throughout the year.  I like to send her pictures throughout the year so she has a current picture of both the boys each month (and there is some excitement in getting a new picture each month!).  Since they are so young, they grow so fast and pre-filling it would give her fairly outdated pictures of them (esp the 1 year old). 

I'm still crazy about buying all my paper as digital files from etsy.  It is just so much easier to print paper on demand rather than buy sheets as needed from a store. 

You can see I like to use a mix of die cuts and stamps on most pages but sometimes I improvise, which is the case with this very large shamrock.  

Some pages are more simple than others.

This page uses a lot of washi tape,  This is a fun way to get rid of scrap pieces of washi, ribbon, or scrapbook paper you have laying around and don't know what to do with it!

A closer shot so you can see the month "May" die cut in the corner.

Here is cute page, but ugh, if you are making this for 15 people and die cutting the pieces out for them, you will be kicking yourself over the cones and vanilla ice cream scopes!  For those that just bought a make and take from me, they were sent home with a stamped image of these two items and they will need to cut them out the old fashioned way (with a scissors).  Sorry girls, but I'd still be running these pieces through my machine if I did that!

Can't wait to fill this one with a cute picture of the boys all decked out for the fourth of July! 

Some designs get a little tricky, this one for instance, you do not want to glue the tops of the "picture frames" down so that the recipient can slide the picture into the page.  If you are pre-filling the pictures in for them, of course this is not an issue.

A little closer shot of this page.  This page just screams summertime! 

Here is September's page, I am going to have my son write his name on this before gifting it, I thought seeing his penmanship on a page is a nice special touch that my MIL will love. 

Halloween pages are my favorite, I love all the cute little stamps of ghosts, witches, and pumpkins that are out on the market.  

Fall in general is a favorite of mine, I love the nice warm colors.  It is also my favorite season.  What's not to love:  Packers, crisp cool air, and yummy warm casseroles. 

And of course last but not least, December.  Always a fun month to decorate! 

Here is a picture of my class all set up.  It happens right in my dining room.  This is set up for 3 people with me working on one side setting up 10 make and takes.  Lots and lots of make and takes this month!

Well, there are all the details.  For those of you that ordered a make and take from me, this should give you enough detail to start gluing those pages together!  If not, ask and I am more than willing to help.

If you are looking to complete a similar project and want to know where I got my supplies, comment below or send me an email and I will be more than happy to help.

Happy crafting everyone!

*All stamps and dies came from Papertrey Ink.