Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Little Things

With under one week to go before I hit my 2nd child's due date (Feb 21st to be exact), I'm finding myself with a lot of free time, free time I was not expecting to have because I really thought I would be holding my little peanut by now.  While I'm feeling pretty good, strenuous physical work is out of the question.

I'm trying to fill my time and keep myself busy so I don't get too anxious (I'm only half succeeding), the waiting is really the worse part.  You know a baby is coming and as the date gets closer and closer it becomes more and more inevitable that they will finally arrive but there is not a whole lot you can do to make it go faster or control when OR WHERE it will happen.  All I keep thinking is:  PLEASE don't let my water break at work!

I've been staying busy by cooking, cleaning, and hanging out with my son and hubby.  This week included Valentine's day and so a little crafting was involved too.  Check out these cute Valentine's that my son handed out at Day Care.  I didn't want the kids getting more candy, so.....I gave them a weapon instead (oops).  If you want to do this, check out the template at Stitchcraftcreations.  Huge time saver!  You can buy the glow sticks at the Dollar Store in a pack of 5.  This whole project took 1 hour of our time and $4 to complete.  Perfect.

Talk about perfect:  here is my Valentine's day date and I out for dinner!  Daddy was at a meeting so this little guy treated mommy to his favorite restaurant (mommy paid).  No reservations needed.

This weekend I finished making some burp clothes for our stubborn little guy that has yet to arrive.  While I kept all of my 1st son's baby stuff and plan to reuse all of it, I hated his burp clothes from day one.  All the ones you get in the store are just not right.  They are too small, too thin, and too expensive.  The nice ones on etsy are too pricey so I took matters into my own hands this time around.

This project could not be easier.  You can use any fabric you like.  I scored some cheap chenille fabric on clearance at Joann's so I bought the entire remaining bolt.  For the other side, I found some coordinating fleece fabric at both Joann's and on Etsy.  You cut both the chenille and fleece to 10" by 18", pin them together with finished sides facing in,  and sew, leave an opening of approximately 3" wide so you can turn the fabric right side out.  Flip right side out and finish with a top stitch all the way around the outside (closing that hole you left open to turn the fabric). That's it.  DONE! Super easy!  The hardest part is picking out the fabric (and in my case doing it quickly because the hubby was impatiently waiting to be picked up from the pool).  If you are looking for a more thorough tutorial than what I listed above, check out Danamadeit  for good directions.

It is funny how the little things like burp clothes can make a new momma (or in my case an expectant momma) so happy!  I can't wait to start using these on my little one rather than just look at them sitting all nice and pretty by the changing pad.

Speaking of changing pad and the little things.  These two are still hanging out.  The pad's cover is going to have to get washed before my little peanut even arrives thanks to these two hairy monsters.  They sure are going to be heartbroken when they find out this is not a cat bed!

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