Sunday, February 10, 2013

All Baby All the Time

It is all baby all the time here in this household.  I wish it wasn't but when you're 38+ weeks pregnant it is really hard to concentrate on much else.  I've been busy.  Busy with anything and everything that will help me keep my mind from wondering when labor will start.

A couple of weekends ago, my friend K came over and helped me make some freezer meals.  A huge THANK YOU for the helping hand.  I now have the following frozen in my freezer: banana muffins (from America's test kitchen), whole wheat raspberry scones, Spring Shepard's pie, lasagna (my mom's recipe), and sloppy J's.

I also got the following done in the last couple of weeks: mac & cheese, Cilantro lime chicken, and Mexican stuff chicken shells.  And if my energy holds up, I'm still going to get to these this weekend:  No bake Energy Balls.  Oh I also cooked some chili this weekend and I hope to get some in the freezer before the hubby eats it all but I'm not sure that will happen.

So you can see, I'm not lying, I've been keeping myself busy.  Busy in between napping :)

My sister came last weekend and cleaned my house.  A HUGE thanks for that!  It is so nice to come home to a clean house.  If this baby doesn't come soon, she is going to have to come is impossible to keep this house clean with two (soon to be three) stinky boys!  I hung all my hubby's clothes this weekend (happy early V-day honey!), that was about 3 weeks worth of clothes.

The pack-n-play is all set up and waiting (like everyone else) for our little one to arrive.  This is still my favorite spot in the house.  Look at that cute couple in those photos, it has now been 15 years (8 of them married).

Someone has to come over and break it to our cats that these are not new cat beds.  I just can't do it!  They are just so darn cute and comfortable.  I'm sure once there is a crying little one in these items they'll settle somewhere else (although if Mies wants to help with the Butt Paste, I won't argue).

Talk about cute and comfortable.  Look at this soon to be big brother.  He's been "reading" us stories lately. He can't actually read many words yet but we're having fun listening to the stories he makes up to the pages.  He took a big brother class this past weekend where he learned all about the new baby.  He seems excited, I hope that excitement lasts!

I have some sewing projects that I have completed and I hope to get posted here before our newest little one arrives.  If not, I'll have a post baby update with the projects!  See you soon!

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