Sunday, June 8, 2014

Make It Monday #167: DIY Notebooks

I squeezed in some extra free time this week to play along with this week's MIM over on Nicole Heady's blog.  It's all about making your own notebooks.  

Since we're in the home stretch of this school year, just one week to go, I thought I would make my son a cute little notebook that he could practice his cursive writing in.  Yes, CURSIVE.  In Kindergarten!  Amazing!  I almost have myself a first grader!

I stamped five writing lines on each piece of paper.  This seems a little daunting when  you have to do it 26 times, but trust me, it went fast.  I stamped it faster than either of my kids can get to bed!  The harder part was actually writing those letters.  Have you tried to write cursive letters (like their supposed to be written) in awhile?  Boy, it is hard to "follow the rules" so he could in turn learn how to write them the correct way.

On the backside of each piece of card stock I placed a little label with the typed phrase, "A Letter from Johnathan".  Get it!  Haha, I crack myself up sometimes.  So the plan is, when he finishes practicing a letter, he can draw a picture on the back and we'll mail it off to grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles.  They'll love their "letter from Johnathan".  

Here's another shot of the cover, I know the lighting isn't as good but the texture of the book plate impression plate really stands out.  Those letters are so perfect for this project.  

The notebook was a huge hit.  In fact, he saw this project half made a few days ago and he has been on me ever since to finish it because he's been so excited to use it.  I can't argue with a kid who wants to practice writing!

Here he is finishing his letter "A" page.  I'm pretty sure this will get used all summer.