Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Third Time is a Charm

I know it's been pretty quiet on my blog front lately.  With two little ones, life gets a little hairy and out of control sometimes and before you know it, a whole month has past by all to quickly.  I do have some pretty exciting news to share with you all which will hopefully help explain why the blog has been so quiet: 
Yep, that's right, Nate and I are preggo (well I'm preggo, he's just along for the ride).  Our newest little bundle of joy is expected to arrive just before Thanksgiving.  If you're keeping count (I've lost count at this point) this will be baby #3! 
Johnathan (6) is so excited.  Robert (14 months) on the other hand has been celebrating with his first ever ear infection.  In both ears.  For three weeks now.  We're on our second round of drugs because this infection is being a little stubborn.  Johnathan's reaction was the cutest.thing.ever.  EVER.  We showed him a picture of our ultrasound and here is how it played out:
Me:  Do you know what this is?
J:  Yes, that is a baby in a mommy's belly.
Me:  Yes.  That is actually a picture of the baby that is in mommy's belly right now.
J:  [clasping hands around mouth].  Really?  Oh thank you mommy, I'm so happy.  I wanted a baby sister and you're giving me one.
I told you, cutest.thing.ever.  EVER.  I wish we video taped it, it was so stinkin' cute.  

Well Johnathan, let's not get ahead of ourselves now.  Baby #3 certainly could be that baby sister you've been dreaming about, but there is a 50% chance it could also be another "stinky boy" as you affectionately called your brother when he was born. 
As you can imagine, our latest SURPRISE addition has had this house for the last several weeks filled with happiness, joy, fear, anxiety, and minivan shopping, but when that little turkey ball gets here in November this house will be filled with nothing short of love. 
Till next time, peace.