Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 2011 PTI Blog Hop

I'm so happy that I got an excuse to stamp today!  My husband wanted me to be outside scraping paint off of our windows; how boring!  So instead of scraping paint off windows outside, I painted cards inside!  I took watercolor pencils and colored a 4X6 piece of white card stock.  I then used a watercolor brush to blend all the stripes together. Once it was dry, I created these two very different cards using the same items.

This second card didn't turn out as well as my inspiration card did.  This card still needs something, I just haven't decided what....any thoughts?

Happy stamping everyone!

Cookbook Scrapbook

I've been thinking about creating a cookbook scrapbook for a very long time now. Luckily some of my girlfriends agreed that this was a good idea and were willing to participate with me.

I had a basic idea as to what I wanted, but I was having a heck of a time finding supplies that matched the ideas floating around in my little brain; that is until Papertrey Ink's May release which including all this cute patterned paper with the exact colors I was looking for.  It was as if they could read my mind (and just in time, the paper came only one week before the girls were coming over to assemble this project)!

 The book contains 27 recipes and 9 pictures.  It was important to me that this not only serve as a cookbook of our favorite party recipes but that it also serve as a scrapbook of our time together.

After much looking, I decided to design the recipe card myself.  That was a challenge because I have never used computer software to design anything (I usually leave that to my architect husband).  Designing the recipe card was by far the hardest part of this project but it was also the most important because it set the style for the rest of the book.

This project can be modified easily to fit the occasion you would be using it for.  Here are some ideas:  holiday candy book, housewarming gift of favorite recipes, microwave recipes for the new college student, collection of grandma's recipes, baby food recipe book for the new mom....this list could go on and on!

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