Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Say Hello to Summer.

 Hi Everyone! Sorry, I've been gone so long, it has been a few crazy busy weeks around this household.

Speaking of crazy: our Wisconsin weather! It seems we went from winter straight into summer and forgot about that season in between. During the span of two weeks, we have seen temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 100 degrees! I was tent camping in the 40 degree weather and stuck without air conditioning in the 100 degree weather.

My garden seems to be doing well despite the fluctuations. I've been eating herbs from the garden for a few weeks now and have even been able to share some with friends.

Oh basil, how I want to eat you! Doesn't it look so pretty?  I'm glad to see it seems to be beating the cold weather it got hit with a couple of weeks ago (I wasn't so sure for a few days).

It seems my peonies love the 100 degree weather we had yesterday.  The buds opened up yesterday and they look so beautiful.  I planted these just a year and a half ago and I'm in love with them, they are so pretty against the brick of our house.  The colors in the photo are so vibrant that the whole thing almost looks fake, you'll have to trust me that it is the real deal!

Even the flowers on my chives look beautiful (they taste delicious too) and they are growing amongst my very healthy oregano plant. 

Each year I plant flowers in pots on the front steps of our house.  This year I went easy, it is hard to take care of these with a little human in the house.  

I also planted a few potato vines in my second floor window boxes, I haven't had much of a success with these in the past but I thought I would give it another try again this year.  I really want to see them hang down a couple feet for real drama.

Well I hope to post again real soon a show you all the projects I've been busy with for the last few weeks.  I hope you find some time soon to say hello to summer.

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