Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fuel for the Soul

After eating a week of hospital food, my body has been craving healthy meals including some nice leafy greens.  Now that our lives are getting back to "normal", I found some time to get to the grocery store and stock up on some fresh fruits and vegetables.  Our fridge was at its bare bones. I thought for sure my bill was going to come to $200.  Can you believe I got (almost) all this food for only $109.  What a steal!  We got the groceries in the house literally just minutes before it started to hail.  Big huge hail!

My husband isn't as enthused as I am with the whole eating healthy kick but the fact that I packed him a breakfast and lunch the last two days certainly helped convince him.  I just got this really cool food scale for a great deal on woot and I am loving it (err...love is a relative term).  It is a little cumbersome to weigh my foods but this thing is teaching me that my portion sizes are way out of wack (like my bathroom scale wasn't already screaming that too me).  Dr. Oz (one of my guilty pleasures) recommended a similar one so I thought I would give it a try.  Perhaps after a few pounds fall off, I'll be an even happier customer.

Tonight's meal was chicken wings.  That doesn't sound healthy does it?  It was. I promise.  Rachael Ray has a fake out version that I have been making for years now.  Her Buffalo Chicken Meatballs are delish (sorry, I had to say it)!

I meant to take a picture of tonight's dinner but I totally spaced.  You'll just have to trust that mine looked just as beautiful as her food photographer's did. :)   We paired the meatballs with diced baked sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli.

When ground chicken (or turkey) goes on sale, I usually buy several pounds and freeze these meatballs for quick easy meals later on.  You need to try them, they really are great!

Healthy foods really are fuel for the soul!

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