Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time Moves Both Fast and Slow

Have you ever noticed how time can move so slow but yet so fast at the same time?  I'm thinking back to when I was a college student.  Week by week my semester just dragged on but once the semester was over I found myself amazed by how quick it was done.

My son had surgery on Friday, March 25 (his 3rd birthday), to drain the abscess that has been causing us so many problems.  Sitting in the waiting room for his surgery to be completed felt like an eternity away from little boy but under an hour later it was all over.  We've been in the hospital now for 6 days, each day seems to drag by at a snail's pace but then we get up the next day and do it all over again.  We're starting to get anxious, days are growing longer, patience is wearing thin for everyone.  Home is only three miles away but we feel like this hospital room is on a different planet.  I take comfort in knowing that all I really need in this world is what is sitting in this hospital room with me: my family.

We should be home soon.  Yesterday was a great day full of huge improvements.  Our son certainly has earned that superman cape!  He has been nothing but a little trooper. These pictures really do tell his story.  The top one was taken on Friday, March 25th, he had very little to smile about that day.  The second was taken at the end of the day on Saturday, March 26th.  What a huge difference a day can make!

It feels like just yesterday that my husband and I took our newborn son home from the hospital.  This time we will be leaving with a beautiful three year old that we love more than anything.  Man, time really does go by fast.

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