Monday, March 21, 2011

Paper Wedding Cake

I made this paper wedding cake for a special friend of mine.  I saw the original idea by Tracy Mason at PaperCrave.  Tracy made hers to be a gift card holder but I turned mine into a picture holder.  My friend had a destination wedding (just like me) in Key West, FL (just like me) and so I had this inclination that she was going to enjoy her special day just as much (if not more) than I did and I wanted to give her something special to remember her time there and our small connection to it.   

The flowers are all made from card stock using a technique similar to paper quilling (that phrase is so old that even spell check doesn't recognize it!).  Tracy posted a great video on youtube on how to make them.  I like her roses better with the rounded edges but I wasn't able to get that technique to work well for me (I think it might have a lot to do with the weight of the card stock you are using).

The cake's color scheme is the bride's color scheme (of course).  Don't you just love the colors?  They really do sum up the perfect tropical wedding and make you feel like you are sitting in perfect 80 degree weather.  If I close my eyes (and ignore the whines from my sick child in the other room), I am taken back to the nice sandy beach at sunset where I married my best friend and we confessed our love for each other with cheesy hand written vows that only we could appreciate.

When people see this the first question they ask is:  How long did this take you?  I really didn't keep track, and for those of you that are just as passionate about paper crafting as I am, you  know just as well as I do, it really is never about the time.    But for those of you that still need some type of estimate my rough guess would be about 10 hours.  The flowers are pretty mobile so I utilized lunch breaks and TV time to make these little guys. The rest was pretty easy.  The most stressful part was at the end when I used spray on glitter, I had never used that product before and was scared it was going to ruin all my hard work.  The glitter worked perfectly and really finished the piece. 

The real question is:  Would I make this project again for someone else?  ABSOLUTELY YES!

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