Friday, March 4, 2011

This Will Save Your Rocky Relationship

If your relationship is on the rocks and you want to save it:  make these brownies!  No seriously, these brownies could make me stay in a bad relationship for a very long time (only if my partner promised to make these for me on a regular basis...I do have standards).

These brownies come from the newest season of America's Test Kitchen.  I love this show and I love their cookbooks even more.  This is the second time I have made these brownies and it is taking every ounce of willpower to wait the whole 1.5 hours for them to cool before I can eat them ( last time I made the mistake of not waiting and they were a gooey {delicious} mess). 

Last time I made these we made the mistake of giving them to our son at 8:30pm.  I'm not sure if it was the espresso power or just the simple chocolate high but he was up till about 10:30pm that night.  We won't be making that mistake again.  For those of you that are Friends fans (yeah, going way back now), these brownies remind me of the episode where Chandler and Rachel eat cake off the hallway floor.  Oh yeah, trust me, these brownies are worth eating even off the floor.

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  1. I remember that episode of friends...I love brownies so I might have to try them out! Thanks for sharing! I wish I could eat one right now! :)