Saturday, February 19, 2011

19 Minutes to Spare

Last minute baby gift with card

I put a lot of thought into the gifts that I give to other people.  I believe the gift that I bring is more important than the outfit I will be wearing, the style of my hair, and the shoes on my feet.  Sometimes it takes me several weeks or even months before I find a gift that I think is just perfect.   So what do I give someone when I only have 25 hours to plan the gift? 

Today's celebration was a surprise baby shower.  I find that a gift in this area is easy for me since those baby days are not too far in the past.  During my baby shower three years ago, I got a lot of great gifts, but one of the best and most memorable (and most used) was a diaper changing pad.  I like to pass this gift on to all the new moms in my life since I appreciated mine so much.  I did a couple hours of searching on etsy to find the one that I thought fit the style of the new mom and dad perfectly.  In this case, I think the mom and dad are classy and modern and I wanted to find a diaper pad that said the same thing (yes I can see the irony in find a classy poop pad).  I found just that in this super cute zoo print from dillybaby.   Since there wasn't enough time for me to have it shipped before the party, I printed a picture of the item and made a card to match.  I also threw in this totally awesome aromatherapy monkey that you can toss in the microwave to heat up.  I found this one at a local discount store but you can find them online as well.

I whipped this card up with 19 minutes to spare before we needed to leave the house.  That's just enough time for me to: get dressed, fix my hair, do my make-up, get a two year old up from his nap, take child and dog to their potties, wrap the gift, sign the card, yell at my hubby to hurry up, pack an extra pair of pants and underwear for our potty training two year old....and we were out the door.  Good thing that clock is set five minutes ahead!

Mod Zoo Card by Ericka Stark
Card Ingredients:  The elephant, alligator, and giraffe are from Stampin' Up's Wild About You set.  The owl and turtle are Stampin' Up's Fox & Friends set.  The flowers are a punch from Stampin' Up.  The embossing background is from quickutz.  I added some metal jewel stickers to the inside of each flower for a little pop. 

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