Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holiday Chevron Card

I often get asked how I come up with my card designs.  Do I make them up on my own?  Do I copy other people's designs?  Do I get inspiration online?  Really the answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE!  I'm a huge blog reader.  I regularly read (subscribe to) over 90 blogs each day.  They range in topics from food, money, parenting, and of course crafts.  They are all over the place and I usually get a lot of my card inspiration from my favorites like:  Dawn McVey's, My Favorite Things; Nicole Heady's, Capture the Moment; Ashley Cannon Newell's, A New Design.

Some of my inspiration comes from pinterest.  I LOVE pinterest.  I am on this site daily pinning something and anything (varies just like my blog subscriptions).  Of course some of my designs come straight out of my head.  Not everything is a success, in fact, most of it doesn't turn out at all like I thought it would.

I thought I would spend the next five nights showing you a new card each night and showing you where I got my inspiration from.  This will help you see the original idea and what I turned it into.  Some of my finished designs are really close to the original while others are not.

I thought I would start with this chevron card I came up with.  Chevrons are all the rage.  Everyone is working with chevrons right now.  I love them.  They are super versatile.  The work well for both males and females.

Here's my little beauty:

 Here is the original project done by Danielle Flanders:

You can definitely see the similarities but yet they are really different.  I loved the colors she used on the card and I love the cute little pin accent.

Since my card will be made in large quantities (making for the holidays), the pin wasn't practical for expense reasons but I made my own bling by adding sparkly glitter to the end of my snowflakes and a jewel in the very center. I also used solid red cardstock but stamped tiny snowflake images on it in red to give it a little more dimension and character. 

I bought the digital paper on etsy.  I love buying paper on etsy and wished I started doing this years ago.  You only print-what-you-need, and with a small craft space like mine, it is so helpful!  This paper comes from Kylie Healey Designs and was only $3!  What a steal!

While I like my finished card, I still like the original by Danielle better but I'm always my toughest critic. Stay tuned for a new card tomorrow!  It will be a fun play on colors. 


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