Monday, October 29, 2012

Fifth Holiday Card

Ever since having a child, I have found it a MUST to have a picture of my cute little guy on every holiday card I send out.  Let's face it, nobody cares about the hubby or myself, they want to see our son.  I can't blame them really, he is the cutest kid ever (I know, that title is claimed by every mother out there!).

I love this photo card that Nicole Heady did a few months back and it provided me with my inspiration:

I feel in love with this card the moment I saw it.  It is so simple, classic, and pretty.  My card has similar elements to it, a nice peak-a-boo cover and simple colors but I finished my very different.

Mine is a three part card.  The first layer is the vellum paper as you see pictured above.  It offers a good first glance and the little treasure hiding underneath. 

The next layer is the photo layer, backed by a nice piece of cardstock to give it some heft, see isn't he just the cutest?  This is him with the big guy when he was 9 months old (I think, time really has a way of sneaking past you, he is four now):  

The third and final layer has the sentiment stamped on it:

I love this card and I bet if you made a similar card with your cute kids incorporated into it, that your friends and family will cherish the card well after the holidays have past!  

I hope you all have enjoyed these five holiday cards and seeing where I got some of my inspiration and ideas from.  I've enjoyed sharing them with you all!  I'm wrapping up my "no spend" challenge this week and have a need to dust off the sewing machine and make a couple holiday gifts because before you know it.....they will be here!  

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