Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 4 of Holiday Cards

Here is a look at my fourth holiday card where I am showing you how I came up with the designs.  Sorry for the delay.  This post should have been out last night but this momma was exhausted.  We took our four year son to the zoo last night for trick-or-treating.

There was this family of three there who's kid whined the whole time.  We kept seeing them in every building we went too.  We just couldn't shake them.  At one point the kid was crying belligerently about wanting popcorn.  Get your darn kid some food, man were they annoying.  That family was US!  We took our four year old hungry....trick-or-treating......for candy!  Man, was that dumb.  Clearly neither of us thought that night through very well.  So when we got home from what was supposed to be a fun night out, we were all tired, cold, and crabby (except the kiddo, of course he was fine once he had food in his belly).

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post.  My fourth card design in a series of five.  These are all holiday cards and I'm showing you where I got the original inspiration from so you can see how sometimes I only pick certain elements of a card,sometimes I pick up the whole theme, and sometimes a I just make it up all together.

Today's card came from this design by Maile Belles:

I loved the corners of this card and wanted to do something similar.  I turned her card design into this:

One element on the cards is this same but the finished cards look very different.  I love the scrolls in the corner, they add so much detail.  The light green is achieved by "stamping off" first.  That means you ink your stamp, stamp it on a scrap piece of paper and then stamp on the finished paper without re-inking the stamp.  Super easy technique and it always gives great results.

I die cut and stamped a pretty red poinsettia in the middle and added a little gold bling.  Done! 

That wraps up day number 4!  I'll be back tonight with my final project which incorporates a photo into the card.  Until then, we are attempting more trick-or-treating today.  We'll be sure to eat before we go!  

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