Sunday, June 3, 2012

Strawberry Love

As promised, here are the details on the gift that I made for my moms this year for Mother's Day.  This year was all about sweet juicy little strawberries.  Oh how I love a fresh picked strawberry.  The ones in the store taste nothing like the ones you can pick on a strawberry farm.

I can't wait to get back out there and pick those little gems this year, above is a picture of the strawberries in my parent's garden, my sister and I were picking out the ones that were ready to eat (we were eating them quicker than we could pick them).  I also finally convinced my 4 year old that strawberry jelly is not poisonous and will not kill him and in fact tastes quite delicious, it took a year but he now finally eats it without gagging (if you think I am joking, you are sadly mistaken).  That is one huge victory that I will take. I got to catch his gagging on camera because one day I will find it to be funny. Today is not that day. wink.

 Ok, back to the gift.  The moment I saw Papertrey Ink's Berry Basket Die, I knew exactly what I would be making the moms:  A strawberry gift basket filled with cards and gifts centered around strawberries.  I also knew it had to have a vintage feel to it once I saw Michell Wooderson's April Release Post.

I have never used digital scrapbook paper purchased online before but I decided to give it a try for this gift.  I scoured Etsy for hours for the perfect digital paper download until I came across this Ellah Rose Shabby Chic papers by Hellolovetoo and was instantly in love.     It is perfect.  It is simple.  I am definitely sold on downloading digital paper in the future. 

I made six cards for this gift.  Two birthday cards, two thank you cards, and two congrats cards.  Everyone always needs cards for these three occasions.  Here are the photos:

If you love the cards, you can buy them in my etsy shop, click here for all the sweet glorious details:  Vintage Rose and Strawberry Cards

In addition to the cards, I made the moms a small scrapbook in the same theme with the same paper that they could throw in their purse and use as a brag book for family and friends.  The book is filled with pictures of my son, printed in black and white (because it is so pretty with the paper) and the tags tell them when and where the picture was taken. Simple and cute.  You can't go wrong giving pictures to Grandma!

This little book is perfect for any occasion (and no occasion at all).  You can buy this cute little book from me for a STEAL in my etsy shop, click here for details:  Mini Vintage Scrapbook

 I'm off to go camping.  WOOT. WOOT.  See you soon!

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