Sunday, June 10, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone

Ok people.  I grew up a tomboy.  Sure I had the typical 1980's toys like cabbage patch dolls, barbies, pound puppies, my little pony, and rainbow brite, but those toys didn't see much action because I was too busy playing soccer, collecting frogs in the stream (which at the time I was convinced gave me warts), climbing through the swamp and over downed trees and of course watching ThunderCats.

I don't wear dresses,   I don't see the need to wear a lot of make up, my favorite shopping is scoring a bargain at second hand stores, and I don't understand why women insist on wearing uncomfortable shoes for the sake of looking good.  I love sweats, t-shirts, and my stinky dirty unfashionable crocs.

$5 Goodwill find BRAND NEW (no I don't wear them in public)
  It wasn't until after college that I took on activities that tend to be "girlie" like cooking, stamping, and now sewing.  With a spouse, a child, one dog, and two cats at home all of them BOYS, I feel outnumbered but I feel so. at. home.

 So today when I set out to make a girl version of my popular superhero banner,  it took a little bit more time and little bit more effort than usual.  Princesses, castles, and fairy tales don't come naturally to me.

 I'm so happy I got my inner princess to come out, because this is so stinky cute.  Those of you with little girls know that this "princess" thing is not going away anytime soon (just like my son's "superhero" thing).  

I made this using Papertrey Ink's Boxy Banners Dies.  I added pink and purple card stock to the back of each fairy tale picture.

I think this is so cute and is perfect for any little princess you have running around.  This cute little gem is available in my Etsy Shop

Of course, if you are like me, and this is too pink and "girlie" you can of course still stare at and admire (or buy!) my superhero banner.

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