Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Gifts

Oh yeah, this superhero theme is going to spill over to Father's day!  It started out that my son was obsessed with all things superheros but now I am just as obsessed as he is.  My baby's daddy (haha, yeah I am not cool enough to pull that off) is getting this card for father's day along with these:

Meant to hold this refreshing beauty (my best friend):

Oh beer, how I love thee.  Ok, back to the third love of my life:  my baby's daddy.  Third you say?  Yes, right behind my son and the beer pictured above.  Don't judge me, I'm from Wisconsin, I'm required to love beer (till death do us part).  It runs in my veins, I wish it ran through my home's water pipes.  In all seriousness, here is a super easy gift you can make in about 10 minutes (one minute to cut and glue and nine minutes to let the mod podge dry).  Just go to a second hand book store and buy some cool comic books, the cheaper the better (that rule applies to everything in life except beer).  Just cut pieces 4 inches by 4 inches and round the corners.  Glue to the back of cardboard coasters or even better some cheap ceramic tiles from a home supply store (I used cardboard coasters here). 

I'm pretty sure my hubby will be taking these to work.  While he works at a pretty cool place, it ain't cool enough to use these as beer coasters.  He'll probably use them for something boring like hot tea (see why he is third!).

I got a couple other ideas brewing (yes, pun intended) in my head.  See you soon!

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