Sunday, July 8, 2012

Road Trip Comforts

I just got back from a road trip, eh.  Guess where, eh.  No, not Wisconsin or Minnesota (good guesses though).  I'm back from the land of Canada.  We drove there.  With a four year old.  Fourteen hours each way.  Yes, I deserve a metal.  In truth it wasn't that bad.  My son did pretty good in the car.  I did make him a gift before we left to make life a bit easier {on both of us}.

I made him a leap pad cover (he calls it his ipad).   Santa brought this for him back at Christmas but the cover in the stores was sold out everywhere.  Sewing a case for it has been on my "to do" list for six months.  It is nice to finally cross ONE thing off that ever growing list.

You can find the pattern over at Pink Stitches.  Her instructions made it super easy.  The whole project took me a few hours from start to finish (counting my screw ups, I really should learn to read directions).

There is a front zipper pocket for all his little games.  As scary as a zipper is to this newbie sewer, it was a must for this project!  Those games are small and easy to loss and too expensive to replace.

I can't believe the zipper pocket was that easy.  Those suckers are a lot easier than they look (if you have never tried one, DO IT)!  Of course I used super hero themed fabric.  Don't you just love the super hero fabric?  I love it.  So does my son.

He has been totting it around ever since I gave it to him.  That makes this momma happy.  Some might even call me a super momma! *wink* 

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  1. Looks great! I'm so glad you conquered zippers!! They're so fun to use. Thanks for sending me the link. It's great to see my tutorial used by others :-) Don't forget to link up to the Pink Stitches Flickr group for a chance to be featured on my blog