Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

So another Halloween has come and gone.  My son went as a rocket man this year.  I made the costume from two liter soda bottles that were spray painted silver.  I used crepe paper as the "flames".  I saw the original idea on Pinterest via Sewing in No Man's Land.

 I love making his Halloween costumes each year.  I like this one because it isn't a licensed cartoon character that belongs to some else.  This one gets to the heart of imagination.  I can see him using this for dress up in the future.

Trick or Treat day was terrible rainy mess here in Wisconsin.  We attempted to take my son to Grandma and Grandpa's house but the weather was just not cooperating.  Grandma and Grandpa offered a better alternative, "Let's just take him to Wal-Mart and we'll buy him a big bag a candy and call it a day."  DONE, DONE, AND DONE.  When he went to the bathroom he pumpkin was filled with candy, when he saw all the candy his eyes nearly popped out of his hear, needless to say, he was one happy little boy.

Yeah, I know, going to a store and filling up is cheating, but it was 40 degrees outside and raining!  This is the first year we've been rained out.  I've had him dress up since he was a baby.  I've made all of his costumes so far.  Here are the others:

He was Charlie Brown (with a hat because it was really cold).  This was inspired by his bald head.  This was a no-sew outfit. I cut out the chevron strip from black felt and secured it to a cheap yellow sweatshirt using fusible web. Fusible web is a non-sewer's dream come true.  You just iron it on and it fuses the two fabrics together (probably not long term but for a Halloween costumes that will only get worn a couple of times, no problem).   

When he was one year's old, he went as a dinosaur. This one was inspired by his love for, duh... dinosaurs.  This was another no-sew outfit.  I used green scour pads, cut them in half and hot glued them onto his hat, vest, and tail.  The tail was made from a piece of brown felt.  The most expensive part of this outfit was the brown vest from Old Navy for $10 (double my normal clothing rule of $5) but it was really an essential piece of this outfit so I made an exception to my clothing rule.  

Last year, he went as an airplane.  I used a cardboard box for all the parts (and a red plastic cup for the propeller) and spray painted the whole thing silver.  I added two shoestrings to the top so he could keep the costume on but I got to tell you: he hated it.  For most of that day my sister walked around wearing the costume for him.

She makes a cute airplane, doesn't she?  People were really nice and understanding about the whole, "I'm two, I want candy, and no I won't wear a stupid costume for you."  Oh the joy of two year olds :)


Well, we're on to a new month already, I don't know where the months go.  This is my favorite time of year.  I know you don't want to hear this but Christmas is only a short 7.5 weeks away and I am busy planning for the holidays.  We have a busy month in this household including our first family vacation and Johnathan's first airplane ride.  I'll be back in a few days with some more craft projects, until then:  find some time to craft!

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