Thursday, September 1, 2011

Et cetera

I’m sorry I have been gone so long.  I really didn’t mean for it to happen.  Since it is my busiest time of year at work (and one of my blog rules is that I don’t talk about work, so this is as far as I will go on this subject matter) I haven’t spent much “fun” time on my computer.  I’ve had good reason.  We’ve been busy.  

My husband decided it would be a great time of year to have a contractor come over and drill 364 holes (yes, I counted every single one of them) in our interior walls to have insulation added to our 1928 home.  He said something about being more comfortable during our long cold winter months but all I heard was HOLES, HOLES, HOLES.

We’ve decided to hold off on fixing these holes and make it a winter project.  That gives us time to research and practice duplicating the drywall finish on all of our 83 year old walls.  My poor walls.  I was most sad about the wallpapered wall but a friend of mine said that I can take a picture of it and there are companies that will duplicate the pattern for you (I’m sure at a steep premium) but it sounds like it is worth investigating.  

Besides for the lovely swiss cheese walls, we were busy one night entertaining a new house guest, Mr. Rat, he joined us on our upstairs balcony from his long journey up the city sewer from our downspout (our downspouts are still connected directly to the city sewer).  Unfortunately he did not make me a great pot of ratatouille before heading back down the same downspout he came from, maybe next time little buddy, I could use some help in the kitchenc !

Speaking of animals, we had a blast visiting our Wisconsin State Fair.  My favorite thing about our state fair is getting the 25 cent glasses of flavored milk.  This year’s flavors were: chocolate, strawberry, banana,  cherry, and root beer (weird because that was last year's flavors as well).  Root Beer was my favorite HANDS DOWN.  It tasted just like a root beer float.  

This is a picture of my son, he insisted on pretending to be the "girl".  If my husband and I ever have a girl, I suppose this is exactly what she'll look like.  HeHe.

My other favorite stop at the State Fair is the animal barns.  Of course being Miss Graceful, I stepped in a huge pile of cow poop but that’s because I was mesmerized by the family that had two kids projectile vomiting at the same time (it was like a bad car wreck, I just couldn’t turn away ...or step around the cow crap apparently).

I've had some fun practicing my sewing skills.  I made my friends a crayon holder for their daughter who just recently turned one (more on that project later) and as soon as I finished, my son said, "I want one".  Feeling honored that someone loved my sewing skills (even if that person is only 3 years old), I had to oblige.  He wanted robots, I gave him robots.

I'm glad it is September.  Fall is my favorite time of year but today sure doesn't feel like Fall with this 90 degree humid weather.  I suppose old lady summer wanted to have one last bang.  Too bad I asked my hubby 4 days ago to remove the air conditioners from our windows (of course the one time he does something I ask, go figure).  So tonight I'll be taking it easy: that means cold cereal for dinner, netflix for my son, and lots of computer time for me (hence me finally blogging!).  

I promise not to be gone that long again!

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