Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Gift: One Year Old Style

Here is my latest gift giving creation.  Two out of three of these projects should look familiar to all of you because I've showcased them here before on my blog.

My friends' child just turned one years old last month so it was a great excuse for me to get out the sewing machine and practice my skills at following {sewing} directions.

My hubby and I found that eating out at restaurants got to be a bit trickier during the second year than it was during the first year so this whole gift centered around providing quick, easy, noise-free entertainment while on the go.  You might recognize this crayon case.  My son asked for one "with robots" after he saw me make this one for our friends. 

Super cute, right?  It was fairly easy but certainly took me longer than the directions said (as I suspected it would as a beginning sewer).  I still was able to start and finish it all in about two hours.  When I made my son's the next day, it certainly went faster.

In addition to the crayon case, I also added those cute finger puppets that you saw a couple months ago that I made for a friend's baby shower.   These suckers were HANDS DOWN easier this time around, which is a good thing because I have plans to make these for my hair dresser who just had a baby boy and knowing me, I'll be making that project just hours before my appointment.

Last but not least, my son likes this little girl so I wanted him to feel like a part of this gift too.  He helped make an "I Spy" game out of found objects laying around the house.  I think we got about 20 little objects inside that water bottle for her to find, and my son had a great time finding little treasures that would fit inside the bottle.

All the items were put inside this cute lunch tote I found at Whole Foods Market (my son has one with robots on it, imagine that).  This thing was super cute, on sale, and is environmentally and baby safe with no harsh chemicals.  BPA free, baby!

Keep watching, I got some more crafted projects coming your way in the next few days! 

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  1. Lessa loves the gifts! We got her "coloring" last night. Super cute. :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents!