Thursday, January 8, 2015

Knee Deep

It ain't no joke.  During this maternity leave I am knee deep in poop.  I'm changing dirty diapers on some kid left and right.  I can't keep up.  What are they eating?  I swear someone with an axe to grind with me gave my kids a laxative when I wasn't looking and now that person is peaking in my windows and laughing at their handy work.

It's ironic because after delivery most women can't go.  Those of you with kids know exactly what I'm talking about.  For the next week after delivery all you want to do is go to the bathroom but you can't.  Yeah, that's right people with no kids: you can't poop.  It's your body's last "ha ha" of pregnancy.  Not being able to go #2 doesn't sound THAT BAD....maybe even quite possibly a way to free up some spare time (but then when would anyone get any reading done).  But not being able to poop is no joke, people!  No joke.  Man, I was only a push away from calling it quits and driving myself to the ER this third time around.  Luckily my body took pity on me and starting functioning again. 

The ironic part is, while you're sweating it in the bathroom, your wee little precious newborn is pooping for the whole gull darn neighborhood.    My precious little Thomas was pooping up to twelve times a day that first week, while I cried and swore like a sailor every time I went to the bathroom. Alright, I am WAYYYY over sharing, but it is all in the name of humor.  What else would I talk about here, crafts?

What does all this talk about poop have to do with my card?  Well, during this last diaper change.... times two poop-filled {lovely} children.... I was thinking I could really use some alcohol.  Alcohold sure would make the day go quicker and would make these poopy diapers a bit easier to tolerate....butttt..... the kids are about to take their naps and I really want to stamp, I don't have time to drink...oh.... I got a great card idea and it fits the bill perfectly for this week's Make It Monday ChallengeSEE, I wouldn't talk about poop for no reason people!  I clearly had a point to this story. 

I got out the shakers + sprinkles dies again this week and thought I would make some bubbles to go along with my new Uncorked set.  Yeah?  You see them?  I know, I know, wine doesn't have bubbles, champagne does.....don't get hung up on the details, please?  I think this is a swell card, despite the technicality and any of your friends that are knee deep with their own problems will think so too!



  1. Awesome card. Love how you made those bubbles. It never dawned on me about the wine & bubbles til you mentioned it. he he

  2. OK, you brought back some horrific memories, thank you! Does this make 3 boys? Beautiful! Speaking of beauty, that's one winner of a card. Looks like IT should be bottled and sold! Love the clever 'bubbles', and your stamping is perfection! Congrats on the baby!

  3. Yes! Three boys and they sure are giving me a run for my money :)

  4. Ha! Go have yourself a drink, sounds like you deserve one! I love this creative card with the colorful bubbles in the corner, genious!

  5. Fabulous Erika! Love the colours and creative bubbles on your card.