Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year With Sprinkles

The kids are currently napping which in and of itself is a small miracle so that gives  me a few minutes to show you what I did with the MakeIt Market Kit: Shakers + Sprinkles.  When I saw this set come out I just HAD to have it (yes, at the expense of my oldest going to college someday as my husband would so lovingly say to me)!  It looks like a lot of the rest of you wanted this set too as I waited a good month for this baby to come in the mail.  Once it arrived, it sat.  And sat.  And sat. Oh, and it collected some dust, well a lot of dust.  Leave me alone, my house is messy, I just had a baby 7 years ago, and 22 months ago and 7 weeks ago.  I have no time for cleaning, I'm busy stamping and blogging....oh and ignoring a kid here and there.  

In December, I finally took this bad boy out of the packaging and started to play with it.  I apologize to those of you that wanted it and never got it and then I got it and just let it sit without being used.  What a waste.  I'm a shame to the acrylic stamping world and I will hang my head in embarrassment when in public.  Hopefully my husband will still stand strong by my side (I asked, he said "no, not even I can look past this disgrace"...actually he just said, "what" and I replied, "never mind".  My made up version is funnier anyway).  Oh well, who needs a supportive husband when you have SPRINKLES!

Ok enough already.  Back to the real business at hand.  The whole concept behind this set is that you can create shaker cards easy peasy with the included dies.  While these cards are not "quick" because you need to run a few pieces through your die cut machine, with the help of the dies, they come together easier than trying to free form this as so many of us were doing before this set arrived.  I love my first card but I put nowhere near enough sprinkles inside of it and the static electricity of this dry winter house caused my sprinkles to not move freely (and does a number on my skin but nobody wants to see that).  Anyone else have that issue?  Any suggestions?  I did see someone mention using a paint brush with some baby powder on the exposed sides of the foam adhesive once you have the shaker put together to help the sprinkles not stick to any exposed adhesive.  I thought that was a great idea.  Will that also cut down on the static electricity?  Maybe I'll try it and let you know. Please comment if you have a solution to either of my problems:  static electricity and dry winter skin!

This next card uses the same set but is a snap to put together (I tell you this in case you have a baby crying and you just NEED to get a birthday card done before he eats, social services would be understanding).  Even though it comes together super fast, it is still super cute and I bet would put a smile on anyone receiving this in the mail! 

Here is the last card I wanted to show to you today.  I was going for that poster print "Keep Calm" look that is everywhere right now.  There is no avoiding it.  Keep calm and walk your dog.  Keep calm and have some ice cream.  Keep calm and blow your nose.  Seriously, there is a poster for everything and everyone.  Just pinterest it if you don't believe me.  Is that a THING or did I just make up the next hottest saying?  Just so you know, I was also the first to say, "google it".  I really should take out a TM like Donald Trump did or tried to do with, "You're fired".  Seriously, that's a thing, google it.  :) 

I hope I provided you some inspiration to break out your stamps and create something and maybe (just maybe) made you chuckle along the way!

See you soon! 

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