Thursday, December 18, 2014

Birth Announcements

Hi everyone!  So I have decided to declare one day each week during my maternity leave my crafting day.  Yep, that's right.  In between baby feedings, diapers, and utter chaos, I'm focusing my attention on crafts, my full on attention!

 Today I thought I would show you the birth announcements I made for our new addition.  Let me just start out by saying, I'm so disappointed in Shutterfly and Walgreens.  These pictures are really orange.  They are not quite as orange looking in person as they are in these photos but they are still pretty orange and they cropped off the border we made on them, but since I printed 50 copies, I wasn't about to have 50 new prints made and waste another $10.  Lesson learned, next time print a test copy! He is still pretty darn cute :)

Anyway, look past the orange and at the cute subject matter.  What a cute little ham, right?  He did this pose all on his own, no set up folks, I promise.  He looks so much like his father here, pose and all. I can tell already that he is going to be a deep thinker just like his daddy (that's probably a good thing because this house can't handle another talker!). 

Anyone else sad when google went away with their photo editing options?  I loved using it to add words to pictures.  It was great for novices like myself who find Photoshop too overwhelming.  I have found Picmonkey to be a great replacement though!  If your looking for basic photo editing options, check out that site, I use their free version but they do offer a paid option that gives you even more choices.  I used their site to add the text to his birth announcement.  

The cute little elephant stamp comes from Echo Park's Little Man line.  I'm using this whole product line for Thomas's first year scrapbook.  This little guy adds just a touch of bling. 

I was a little particular about how Thomas was going to lay and it was driving my hubby a little batty.  But I knew that I was lining all three boys together in our hallway in these frames so I wanted there to be some cohesiveness (two boys laying to the right, one to the left).

I told him, this picture is going up on the wall and we will be looking at it FOREVER so let's make this right.  All three boys are now lined up together in the hall way.  They look great. 

Taking a nice picture of these frames was nearly impossible given that this is a dark hallway that gets relatively little natural light so again, forgive me.  With three kids eating up all my free time, it is what it is!

Here's a far shot.  The photo's are sandwiched between the bathroom and Robert's room.  I love being able to walk past these everyday and see my cute little babies all together.

Well that's it for this morning!  I have a naughty one year old to go check on (and feed!).  


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