Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blog Giveaway Winner

Me celebrating lefty day!


Thanks for participating in my blog giveaway. You all gave me some great ideas and I'll be writing some posts based on your suggestions real soon!

Joshua M. was the lucky winner! Joshua wrote, "simple gifts: simple ideas for crafts that can be made or customized quickly for last minute hostess gifts, special thank yous, or little love notes".

I love this Joshua and I have some great ideas already! Watch soon for this post!

I also got a request for freezer meals and crockpot meals! With a new baby in the house, I got a bunch of these recipes that I love. Watch for that post in the up coming month as well! Another entry wanted to know advise for starting a family....well, any excuse I can get to chat about my lovely boys, I'll take it!

Congrats to Joshua who has some fun cards headed his way! Thanks to everyone who participated.

On a side note, today is national lefty day! To all my left handed friends, get out and celebrate with ice cream, you deserve a treat for living in a right handed world!




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