Friday, August 2, 2013

Sour Lemons

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the break. Life threw me some sour lemons these past few weeks but I'm back on my feet. I'll be back later this week with a post on my sister's bridal shower.
Speaking of my sister's bridal shower.....I kind of had a gallbladder attack in the middle of her shower. Funny because just days before I canceled my doctor's appointment to have my gallbladder suspicions confirmed By my doctor because I was too busy planning for her shower. Ironic really. Well those suspicions were confirmed by the emergency room staff hours after her shower ended and further confirmed when the surgeon pulled my gallbladder out the next morning.
Here we are: me in the middle of an attack
Unfortunately when they decided to send me home the day after surgery, things got worse. Really worse. I didn't know it at the time but apparently a stone got "stuck" somewhere in my system. I sat home for two days in the most unbelievable pain of my life (thinking that's what you should feel like after death is breathing on your neck). A despirate call to my hubby to come home and take me back to the hospital got me the drugs I needed...IN FIVE LONG AGONIZING HOURS. I swear, the pain from a teeny tiny gallstone is worse than child birth. Honest. Funny (not in a haha way) how my body was made to carry and deliver a 7 pound baby but not a tiny stone. Ugh. The stone freed itself from my body, luckly, so i avoided a second surgery, but not before leaving me with a case of pancreatitis.
I've been home now for a week. In fact, I was released the day before father's day. I got to snap a few lovely pictures of my hubby and the boys as we enjoyed our day as a family quietly at home.
Nathan and the boys on Father's Day 2013

I feel bad we had to cancel our camping plans but I'm pretty sure everyone is just happy I am back to my old self, of course now short a gallbladder.
Father's Day 2013

My hubby really picked up the pieces from me being out (with help from some family and friends). Probably helps he's been through this as well, so he knew the pain I was in. Just a short five years ago when our first born was an infant, my hubby lost his gallbladder and battled a bad case of pancreatitis. Apparently we don't give up organs easily in this household.
There was a couple days when I didn't get to see my boys, so when they walked into my hospital room one night for a visit, I cried. Nothing heals a momma faster than seeing her children.
This was one of the hardest challenges in my life. I don't wish the pain I felt in that week upon anyone. When I called my own father on Father's Day he asked me, "well who's turn is it next? Nate's, Johnny's, or Robert's?". My reply, "Oh dad, I would do that 100 times over again if it meant my boys would always be healthy". It really is the truth.

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