Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Sister's STD's

After you are done drooling over my cute baby (I needed a teaser photo), let's talk about my sister's STD's. I wouldn't possibly blog about my own sister's STD's would I?  Of course I would. She won't mind.  In fact, her STD's have become somewhat of a joke around here.  Of course I'm talking about her SAVE THE DATES for her upcoming summer wedding.

When her and I started planning her save the dates through email, it just became easier to shorten them to STD's for typing purposes.  Each time one of us would get an email references STD's, we would giggle....like little kids.  So of course it stuck, we have called them STD's ever since.

Funny thing, now that I am on maternity leave, I've been catching up on some television on Netflix (in my stay-at-home-mom "spare time").  After I got done watching all the episodes of The Office (for the 10th time) I decided to start watching Rules of Engagement, you know, to span my horizons (but let's be honest, I could watch Pam and Jim's relationship develop over and over again....so cute....and yes the current season is KILLING me).  But back to Rules of Engagement, I LOVE Patrick Warburton.  He's charming, cute, and funny.  I loved him in Seinfeld and love him now in this show.  In the season 4 premiere episode they make the SAME STD joke!  My sister and I should have gotten a trademark to that joke (sort of like when The Donald tried to get a trademark to the phrase, "You're Fired").

Ok, I got way off topic.  Back to my poor sister's STD's.  Boy are they awesome.  I love them.  If you are going to use a picture as the main focus of your card, it sure helps to be cute and adorable, right?  They check both those items off the requirement list!

These cards were easy peasy.  We printed the info on craft cardstock (4 on one sheet so they were economical as well) and rounded all four corners after we cut them to size.  We glued the photos on, stamped the heart image in red (from Papertrey Ink), and tied the ribbon on.  We were done with these in no time.

I love them.  I think they are charming, cute, and funny (kind of like Patrick Warburton).  Because they were fast, we had time that same weekend to start designing her wedding invitations.  JUST WAIT till you see them.  They are by far the BEST cards I (we) have EVER made.  I mean it!  I'm in LOVE with her wedding invites!  I'll be showing them here soon, we finished them this past weekend.  I'm just waiting to be officially invited :)

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