Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cards for In-Betweeners

So my six (almost seven) year old has hit that age where he isn't a baby anymore but he isn't a grown up either. He's what I am calling an in-betweener. In-betweeners don't cry when the nurse gives them a shot because they're tough, but they cry when their mommy doesn't make Mac n Cheese because....well....they can. In-betweeners don't like superheroes because those are for babies but they watch Sesame Street when nobody's watching. In-betweeners don't kiss their mom goodbye at school but they kiss their mommies goodnight at home.

Aweeeee, Ooooohhhh, how I love my in-betweener and all the sassiness that comes with him. Finding cards to fit this age group can be challenging but I think I designed a few that will work for this age group and I thought I'd show them to you today.

I have found that kids of all ages LOVE balloons and so I thought a card full of them would make any kid smile despite their age. For this card, I used the Sweet Cheeks stamp set from PTI to make some animal shaped balloons to create an in-betweener card with a stamp set that would normally only work for babies. This helps me get more bang for my buck with this set! Double duty, right?

The next card was created using the Bubble Talk stamp set. This set screams in-betweener and teenager alike! This card would be perfect for those kids who just got their own phone or anyone with a bit of sass in them....speaking of phones, I says a lower El student with a phone today.....TOO YOUNG! To make this card gender neutral, I stamped it in primary colors and covered up the heart stamp with a star. This gives me the ability to gift this to approximately 50% more people and let's face it, with three boys in the house and no girls, I'm more likely to need this for a boy! Score again!

This card uses the Simple Stars stamp set with the corresponding Stars cover plate. I love this card because not only does it work for kids, but I can use it for adults too. These are the types of cards that are great to have on hand because it works so well for everyone.

Last but not least, I have this CAS card that uses the Random Stripes stamp set and a die from the Birthday Trio die collection. Again, another card that works well for either gender and any age because of the layout and color sceem.

Ok, that's it for me, I need to go check MY in-betweener's attitude!  I hope I've inspired you to create a few cards for the in-betweener in your life!



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