Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 2013 Papertrey Blog Hop

Here is my entry for this month's blog hop.  Does everyone else agree that this month's hop has no rules really?  Pick some flowers and pick some colors and post them.  I like that!

I made my MIL a wreath for Mother's Day.  Here it is hanging on my door (only for this picture though).  I finally see my MIL today and this gift is going home with her.  Making a wreath can be pricey but I learned a nice frugal trick.  Skip the foam wreaths at the craft stores that run around $10 and buy a foam pool noodle from the Dollar like a charm!  Handy duct tape holds in in place.

 The flowers are cut from felt.  Some felt was purchased from PTI and some from MFT.  The flower die builders were purchased from MFT and once put together they were hot glued onto this wreath.  I bought a wood plaque at the craft store and painted it with chalkboard paint.  I hot glued a skew onto the back and stuck it in.  

Isn't my door just lovely?  1920's people!  We LOVE our house.  They just don't make them like they used too.  We'll never get rid of it.  These suckers were made to last.

I'm pretty sure my MIL will like her gift. . Super Easy!

 Oh speaking of my house, I need some help winning a spousal disagreement (we all know those, right?).  I'm confident I'm going to win this one.  Let me know what side of our house looks better: 

The right side with the white shades?

Or the left side with the tan shades?

Here is a picture of the whole house.  Which side looks better: left with tan shades or right with white shades.  

Geez, I'm going to smoke him on this one.

I got to go, I have a crying baby in the background and dinner is on the table waiting for me!  Bye Bye! 


  1. Oh WOW!! This is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE your Take on the Bouquet Color Challenge!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Memorial Day Weekend!! =)

    1. Thanks Larissa! This was a fun one!

  2. Awesome project. I like the tan shades.

  3. Erika, I'm in love with your house! Great wreath. Hope your MIL appreciated your hard work and talent. By the way, don't know what you picked, but I like the 'blend' of the tan shades.

    1. Thank you so much! We love our house! I got your vote in for the shades :)

  4. Alan and I think the tan shades look the best because they blend better. Alan also said he picks whatever Nate likes best. :)

  5. Great idea with the wreath for your MIL - pretty! I agree with the tan - house is lovely!