Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cheap & Easy

What is cheap and easy?  This gift, silly!  Unless you live under a rock, you know how hot pinterest is right now, and if you have ever spent more than a moment on it you also know how hot chalkboards are for EVERYTHING!  They are the "it" trend right now.  

Of course, I had to create my own version of this cool trend [yes, I cave easy to peer pressure].  I made this ornament using white embossing powder and white pigment ink.  You can go to Betsy Veldman's blog post, Chalkboard Art Meets Stamping to get her full tutorial on creating your own mess free chalkboard art creation.

It gets better.  My chalkboard ornament has a double life.  While it can hang on a door knob as decoration:

It also serves as a gift card holder for $10 off at local restaurants (cleverly hidden on the backside) :

All for only $5.  See what I mean?  A cheap gift (with lots of bang for your buck) and easy (because I make it for you)!  If you live in Milwaukee and need a cheap & easy gift, you can purchase this item from me for only $5/each (I'll ship it to you for free).  The ornament comes with a $10 off coupon at one of these Milwaukee restaurants (more details on the coupons can be found at  

You even get to pick what restaurant you want (first come first serve of course so hurry before your favorite food spot is gone!).  This will make the perfect gift for a teacher, co-worker, neighbor, postal employee, hairdresser...I could keep going.  Heck, at this price, buy it for yourself (I won't tell).  

If you don't live in Milwaukee, go ahead and make yourself a cheap and easy gift this year!

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  1. Ericka, makes me want to move to Milwaukee! At least visit to get your neat gift tag. Clever girl!