Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Superhero Mat

My sons 4th birthday has come and gone.  Good thing because planning for his party has consumed me for way longer than it should have but of course, I loved every minute of the planning.  Part of that planning was his gift.  He has been obsessed with superheros for the last few months now and I wanted to give him a special gift, what I came up with is a superhero roll up play mat.

I was originally going to make him a mat for some matchbox cars.  I spotted this project a few months ago at Homemade by Jill (go check out her blog, she has some great posts on there). 

Homemade By Jill Blog

Ever since spying this little cutie it has been on my wishlist to complete, it was actually on my long list of holiday items that I was going to make and gift but sadly I ran out of time before it ever got made.

This ended up being a good thing, because my little wheels started turning and this car cozy turned into a need for a superhero mat (to tie into his birthday theme).  So after some searching on the internet, I found a few projects that were close to the idea that I had brewing in my brain and gave me some inspiration to create my own version.

Check out my inspiration:

Morgan's Bubble

Justamama Etsy Shop
So those turned into this:
wait for it

wait for it

a little longer


It holds my son's superheros perfectly (and what boy wouldn't love that?).  The bottom is pockets for all those 3.75" action figures and the whole thing rolls up nicely for easy transportation.   

The whole gang was out to play

Kaboom...pow....I got you

I'll get you bad guys

All safe and snug in their little pockets

I hope you love it as much as I do.  I'm so happy I took that sewing class and I'm putting those new skills to good use!  If you love it, you can buy it!  You can check it out on my etsy shop:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/97841932/superhero-roll-up-mat

Thanks for stopping by today!

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