Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birthday! Birthday!

Who isn’t a sucker for a cute kid, right?  Well, when that kid happens to be yours it is simply impossible to be effective at discipline.  I just can’t say “no” to this kid.  I know he shouldn’t have brownies at 8am or watch a fifth movie in a row but when this guy shoots his beautiful hazel eyes at me, I.just.can’  Just a hint of a fake tear and I fall for it every single time. 

Traditional Birthday Breakfast Pancakes
That's a pile as big as him!
  Robert, my middle child just turned three.  THREE!  Jeez, life just passes right on by.  Like a blink!  He’s my baby.  My snuggle bug.  My everything.  He’s a boy of few words (literally, we see a speech therapist once a week with him) but the words he does say are so special and important. 

 Two weeks ago he said he first three word phrase, “help me please”.  Ugh, just made me melt.  He’s been a big fan of Toy Story for quite some time now and insists on wearing his Woody cowboy boots almost daily.  He is a fan of getting himself dressed all by himself (a task even my seven year old still struggles with).  He’s also a big fan of “manman” aka Batman. 

He’s outdoorsy, he loves to be in the sandbox, blowing his bubbles, and driving his cars.  He loves his brothers.  He does well with routines.  Our two hour bedtime struggles are distant memories and have been replaced with teeth brushing, vitamin taking, and reading a couple bedtime books.  Done and done. 

For his birthday I asked him what kind of cake he would like, his reply, “orange”.  When I asked him follow up questions like, “the color orange or the flavor orange?”, I got the reply, “orange”.  So, because I can’t say no to this kid (see above), “orange” is what he got.  I made him both orange in color and orange in flavor.  It was a big hit.  He loved it. 

For his gift, we gave him a Daniel Tiger stuffed animal and two tickets to see the live show of Daniel Tiger, he had a blast on his first mommy/son date.  We definitely will need to do another one soon. 
We have a big year ahead of us:  potty training, new school, and new day care are just around the corner.  I think he’s ready for it but don't ask his mother if she is ready! 

Robert, I love you to the moon and back and I can’t wait to hear you say those words back to me (and then never stop saying them).  It will be worth the wait!  Kisses! 

Love, Momma

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