Sunday, March 29, 2015

Robert Turns Two

 Robert James turned two a few weeks ago and I thought I would take this blog post to document his past year.

He really loves his blankey and he carries it around with him everywhere. He is particularly fond of one specific blanket, luckily we have a spare in case we lose one. He's also a fan of dinosaurs, doggies, and bubbles. Yeah, very random I know, but understanding the mind of this two-year-old is like solving the world's hardest puzzle. He still isn't talking much, but that isn't preventing him from being extremely independent. He likes to do things for himself like put on his own shoes, hat, and coat in the morning.  He's also extremely curious.  Here he is below trying to pump after he put all the pieces together himself. 

He has the most infectious giggle but unfortunately these days we usually hear more cries than laughs coming from his tiny little terrible two body. Speaking of tiny, he really is little. He stands at least half a head (official measurement) shorter than the rest of the kids in his daycare class. But Jeez is he cute! Those round cheeks and big blue eyes get me every.single.time. It's hard to stay mad at this kid for very long.

He knows what he wants and he often won't stop [crying] till he gets it. While bedtimes have become easier in the past year he still HATES when we leave him. He graduated from sleeping in his baby swing at 13 months, to falling asleep in our bed (with us holding him) until 21 months. It took a new baby brother to get us on the same page and start making him cry it out in his crib. Now we read him a few books and place him straight into his crib. He still cries every single night but the process is much shorter for us than the old routine and he typically only cries for 5 to 10 minutes. We are considering that a win. While he still may hate bedtime, he really does love getting books read to him. His favorites include any with Sesame Street characters in them. Sesame Street is also his favorite show and often times you'll find him dancing to their various skits.

While I think he was the sweetest and easiest baby, he sure has given me a run for my money during his second year. He's the reason that our house has baby proofing everywhere. He's the reason all the crayons are broke in half and there are scribble marks on the walls. He's the reason our bookcases are anchored to the wall with screws. But he's also the reason I smile ear to ear and the reason my heart skips a beat. I love his little kisses.

Despite the mess, the constant crying, and the frequent tears, I can't imagine my life without this kid and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.  Bring it! 

I love you Robert.

XOXO mommy.